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Kraken Game 68 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Vegas (again)!

We are denied an April Fools day 69th game of the season. I’m calling Gary Bettman and asking for his manager.

Anyway, the stakes have not changed whatsoever for Vegas since Wednesday; they need Ws, they need points, they need goal differential, they need all of that. Otherwise they’ve spent a gorillion dollars and every ounce of goodwill they have to not go to the playoffs and my friend, that’s about the last thing they want happening. They’re still beat to hell, they’re still

LA needed that stuff too when they tried to go 2-0 against Seattle, just to a much lesser extent. So why not, on this day of all days, the Kraken play a little funny trick on the Knights and deprive them their much needed points?

Question of the Thread!: What is your favorite kind of prank?