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Kraken Game 66 GAMETHREAD: vs. LA! (Again)

Well, the last one wasn’t so fun, so let’s try this “versus the LA Kings” thing again.

The Kings got two points they needed against Seattle over the weekend, but can they do it again!?!?!? Well, maybe. But they still kind of had to work for it. A little. You know how Kraken losses are.

Anyway, in order for their to keep their position they really ought to win tonight. Edmonton threatens from afar with them hosting the Yotes, and so if the Kraken can help cause any little bit of chaos they can (lord knows they do it to themselves enough), they can make many people very happy and a non plurality of Kings fans slightly nervous. The best kind of nervous.

Question of the Thread!: If you could no consequences slap any one person in the world, who would it be and what would your technique be?