Kraken Game 13 PREVIEW: Vs. Pittsburgh (Again!)

The Need to Knows

The Time: 4pm PT

The Place: PPG Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Place to Watch: ROOT Northwest

Place to Listen: KJR-FM 93.3

Opposing Viewpoint: Pensburgh

Know Your Enemy

Game Preview:

It’s hard to be a team in black and gold this year.

For some, you torch your reputation by signing a repugnant little shithead and torching their organizational rep for miniscule gains. For others…things just aren’t working out the way they usually do.

The Pens have built an empire of successful hockey on shrewd scouting and the acquisition of Mark Donks the world over; Dudes you swear were made up have all worn the Penguin on their sweater at some point over this decade. Now?…It seems like the cracks are finally becoming too big to ignore, and unfortunately they’re now in a position where their best players seem to be the arbiter of any success they’re going to have as all those EA NHL create-a-players with talent seem to have dried up for Pittsburgh. I’m sure they’ll get their act together at some point, but right now? The Pens are ripe for the taking if they can weather the storm.

The Kraken meanwhile just want to keep the good vibes going in this extremely promising start where they’re doing something quite new to them: jockeying for divisional positioning. The Kraken and Oilers both stand at 16 points apiece, only really separated by a goal differential of four. Edmonton plays a tough Dallas team tonight, so if they get help…I’m not saying, but I’m just saying.

Also, Wrightwatch might be on hold tonight, as indications that Jared McCann is healthy could bump him from the lineup. We’ll see if this is true.

Can the Pens put a stop to the Kraken’s good fortune? Or will Pittsburgh fall to The Deep once more? Tune in at 4 to find out!