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Kraken Analysis

Slow and Steady: A Kraken Offseason Preview

Despite a frenetically busy off-season, we could be cheering for a lot of familiar faces this fall

Sean’s “Best and Worst” of the Kraken’s First Season

There was plenty to love and plenty to...not love, about the Kraken’s first season. Let’s count them down

Four upcoming free agents the Kraken need to target this summer

Of the "Unrestricted" variety

Diving In on New Kraken Daniel Sprong

Has Spring sprung for Sprong?

Diving into Matty Beniers’ first NHL game

This kid can hang

How should the Kraken focus their offseason?

With the regular season coming ever so close to an end, it’s not hard to think that the Kraken’s second official offseason will be quite busy.

The Kraken shouldn’t rush Beniers into the big time

Even with the Kraken needing to sell the future, there isn’t much need to sell it that hard. Especially not this week.

Race to the Bottom of the Sea

Welcome to cheering for draft position

Draft Day Dreams

Looking realistically at how — and how soon — the Kraken’s draft capital will impact the team

Should the Kraken trade for Evgenii Dadonov?

Exploring the peculiar case of the voided trade, and how it could affect the Kraken

Recapping a wild Sunday for Ron Francis

or: an update on Ron’s quest to acquire an entire draft round

The return on the Mark Giordano trade was fine, actually

UFA valuations are tricky

POLL: Which members of the Kraken do the fans think will make it through the trade deadline?

The team will surely look different next week. But just how different remains to be seen

Five players that won’t be in Seattle after the trade deadline

Hope you didn’t grow too attached to these guys like I did

The Core: Six players the Kraken should *not* trade away at the deadline

The team can’t trade everyone away, after all

Jared McCann’s extension is a win for the Kraken

McCann is now clearly a player Seattle will be building around

3 Big Goals for the Kraken in their first trade deadline

GM Ron Francis has some work to do, and two weeks from now...he’s gonna have to put that work into motion.

Seattle Kraken’s Monthly All-Stars

What if we selected a different group of All-Stars each month?

Half-Season roundup: Born under Punches

It’s clear we can’t keep sitting at the wheel wondering where we should go anymore. It’s time for Seattle to chart it’s course.

Should the Kraken trade away Mark Giordano?

You don’t have to like it, but you should at least consider it

Even More Draft Pondering: Going abroad to find yet more future Kraken!

Let’s do yet more pondering about teenagers who might get drafted by the Kraken!

Should a team pull their goalie in overtime?

Okay okay but hear me out

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda — Revisiting the Expansion Draft

Armchair-quarterbacking the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft with 20/20 hindsight.

Kraken Draft Pondering: Who’s available for 2022?

Since we were ROBBED of a week of games thanks to COVID, let’s think about the Kraken’s future for a bit.

The Kraken have a problem with the “answer goal”

I would like to exit the roller coaster please

New year, new team: Let’s set some Seattle Kraken New Year’s resolutions

Like all new year’s resolutions, these ones only need to last until May

Counting down the top-3 Kraken wins in 2021

New team, new barn, new year

The seas and the skies: an astrological look at Jordan Eberle

He leads the team in points, and the stars might just tell us why

Rising Tide: A Seattle Kraken Prospects Update

Matty Beniers isn’t the only Kraken prospect to be watching this year

Seattle Kraken Player Profiles: Adam Larsson

The big Swede who chose Seattle over every other NHL franchise

What do we have to do to get Joonas Donskoi a goal?

Just name it and we will do it, @ hockey gods

Kraken riding big waves in the early season

The NHL’s youngest club is having growing pains