Kraken Round 2 Game 5 RECAP: Seattle brought to the brink in 5-2 loss

Stars win, everyone's sad :(

[weak sounding groan that ends in the 808 cowbell noise]

If you can Stand it, the Highlights:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI Leader was Vince Dunn, with 24:42 logged.
  • Honestly this game might as well have been decided by two unbelievably well placed plays by the Stars; Borgen’s attempted block of a pass made it straight to Jamie Benn who was able to hit Wyatt Johnson right out in front, and a half-decent transition sequence gave Roope Hintz a great opportunity to put the Stars up 2-0 early, and the Kraken chased them the entire game down. It’s a shame, because they otherwise demanded respect through the first forty minutes…but an incomplete game in the playoffs becomes all the more damning.
  • Part of the issue was difficulty getting passes through, which was complicated quite a bit by Seattle’s forwards taking the mystifying decision more often than not to pass straight into bodies or way behind their fellow player in white and blue. For as well as they played, they left a lot of offense on the table that the Stars took ample advantage of in transition, which ultimately doomed the Kraken.
  • This team straight up cannot do anything on the power play. Any post-mortem of the Kraken, whenever it needs to be written, will have that being front and center. 13% (rounded up) through 12 games is untenable. They once again got their power play affairs in order but…man…this is adding up in a bad way.
  • I’m trying to be real fair here, but I think the un-fun part of this comes down to one thing: Grubauer’s spiraling right now. an .800 SV% on 20 shots in the playoffs is just not acceptable. Shots from outside the circles can’t go in, no matter how well they’re shot. Your rebound needs to be savable. Just not an ideal game for dear Phillipp.

Are there any bright spots?:

A couple.

  • Adam Larsson scored twice. Where does he hide this funny talent?
  • Jared McCann finally got on the board, becoming the 18th skater for Seattle to score in the post-season. All they need now is Donato and Froden to jump in, I believe!
  • Honestly, the Kraken just needed the kind of bounces Dallas was getting, otherwise they probably win this one.
  • This series is not over. Even if it feels like it right now in the aftermath of a rough loss. This team does nothing easy, nor does it do anything normal. They can surprise. They just have to dig deep for the rest of this series.

Let’s Grouse about the score while reading the Charts:

Well, here we are once again, an all-important Game 6. This time it’s to allow Seattle survival, rather than a potential knockout of their foe. Whatever happens next, they need to leave it all on the ice on Saturday.

And then do it again in order to move on.

We will be there for that 4pm PT start. We’ll see you there.

Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.