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Kraken Game 8 GAMETHREAD: vs. Montreal!

Salutations, Amateurs de calmars!

Ah yes…French Canada's favorite pastime. The organization with more titles and pregame shows than sense. The Barber pole bombers. The team with the most championships in the sport…. L’Habitants. The Canadiens.

However, this version of the Habs is a far cry from the team that got within spitting distance of winning the cup last year. Montreal has been…uh…rough, to call it one thing. Struggling mightily to score goals and struggling even mightier to keep them out since Carey Price took time away for his mental health. Not that I blame him, the Montreal market is a rough one to play in at his level for so long. But while the Habs right now haven’t been the most impressive as a cohesive unit, they are quite individually talented, especially their young stars in Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, so keeping them locked down is a major key to success tonight. Further, this game commemorates the Seattle Metropolitans’ 1917 win over the Habs in the Stanley Cup final. We’re raising banners for all kinds of things today! Hopefully this one also involves a win for your boys in blue, lighter blue, and red!

Question of the game!

Il n'y a pas de question, seulement…Le fishe.