Kraken Round 2 Game 6 RECAP: Squids get their Game 7!

Kraken defenseman Jamie Oleksiak gives the Stars a hug for their putrid game.



But first, the Highlights!:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Adam Larsson with 24:26 logged.
  • You could not have asked for a better response to Game 5 from the guys in Deep Blue. They started the game on time, they got 16 shots in a single period and not just the opening goal, but a power play goal after Dallas’ response goal. That alone was a massive improvement, but it kept following from period to period to period. They chased Jake Oettinger in a potential elimination game. I would say “perfect game, no notes, let’s move on to giving plaudits” and all that buuuuuut…
  • …Man the Dallas Stars must get some crazy luck, because while yes, they got a bunch of response goals that kept the Seattle faithful good and stressed, a lot of it came from the same kind of crazy bounces that followed them in Game 5. I don’t even know how to say “defend that better” because sometimes stuff like that just happens. It is a little weird that it happened with the alarming frequency it did.
  • The Kraken actually scored an empty netter to cap this one off and that was noteworthy because they almost never do that. Jordan Eberle put his whole ass into making sure the ENG went in and we should all be thankful for it.
  • Grubauer had an .870 SV% on 23 shots. Which maybe isn’t ideal…but the Kraken seems to have just done something to Jake Oettinger who is playing absolutely dreadfully lately. I can only imagine what Peter DeBoer is going to be thinking going into Monday, because he could galaxy brain this so hard.
  • The feeling I had that this series was going 7 has paid off! I’m only watching whole decades of my life expectancy be shaved away!

Let’s give some credit!:

  • Eeli Tolvanen got three gigantic points tonight: first setting up another certain gent we’ll be giving plaudits to on an airtight passing play, setting up Ebs for his first tally of the night in close on the goalie and of course, potting home Bjorky’s perfect pass to open the 2nd period and finishing it off. A first star well earned as he and his line were once again holy terrors to anyone wearing a green sweater!
  • Matty Beniers once again pulling up with a strong two point night, this was a great night for goal-and-assist nights, while I absolutely loved Tolvy’s goal from an aesthetic perspective, that was mostly Gourde and Bjorkstrand’s play being finished off well. Matty B’s goal was just an awesome transition play after an extremely spooky sequence of shifts where the Stars got great shot after great shot. He gave us something that made it a lot easier to breathe: distance from Dallas. Thank you, Matty.
  • Tye Kartye once again put a bullet of a shot through Oettinger and seems like he’s all but wrapped up a spot on next year’s roster. Excellent work from the most recent kid in the lineup!
  • Jordan Eberle played like his head was on fire. Just skating circles around Dallas, being ice-cold in frantic situations, kept up the pace, and of course capped off the night. Scored a power play goal, too!
  • I know I keep throwing these in here but man…Yanni Gourde is such a gamer. Love his play so much and I’m glad he joined the “Goal-and-Assist” club tonight.

Let’s take a look at the charts!:

Game 7.

In Dallas. It’s at 5pm PT.

Whatever happens next, it’s all on the ice.

Get your weekend in, recharge, drink water, and then charge once more into an elimination game.

Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.