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Kraken Round 2 Game 7 GAMETHREAD

Kraken forwards Donato, Tanev, and Gourde get their act together to create a screen

Another Game 7. Just like the last one, the Kraken escaped the clutches of death in a pivotal game beforehand. Just like the last one, the Kraken keep dragging otherwise perfectly good teams into their own style of hockey and flummoxing them at every turn. One can only imagine just how nervous the coaching staff on the other side is. It’s all house money for Seattle as it’s been all playoffs…but the thing is, the Kraken have been making bank anyway. They aren’t just “happy to be here”. They’re here to make as much noise as they can. They already know who their opponent is and intimately so, so there’s no surprises.

So let’s hope this one goes exactly like the last one.


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