Dave Hakstol named a finalist for the Jack Adams Trophy!

So things are looking a bit grim thanks to the rough game the Kraken just played, but it’s not all gloom and doom after Game 2. The series is still tied at 1-a-piece just like last round, and there’s plenty of time for the Squids to get their act together. They’ve even started to get awards consideration from the NHL, as yet another member of Seattle has become a finalist for the Jack Adams memorial Trophy!

Minor diversion, I adore the Kraken’s design team so much. What a talented group they have.

Hakstol was the man to lead the Kraken through a rough inaugural season where it looked like for all the world that year 2 was less a chance to instill the same values that the Kraken have been working to build, and more like an audition to save his job. To say he did it and then some is massively understating how well the team did under his watch this season, with the Kraken’s massive swing in points getting them not only into the playoffs, but also into the second round!

That said…he’s got tougher competition this year in my opinion than Matty does with his award.

Other such quotes Coach Montgomery in Boston took a team that everyone assumed was finally going to be dead in the water and then turned them into the best team in the world (barring that Florida thing). Lindy Ruff meanwhile went from getting jeered by his fans to celebrated by them in a little under two months thanks to the rip-roaring season the Devils had.

But still! He’s had a hell of a season so far, and we can only hope he’s successfully convinced enough writers to give him the plaudits!