Daniel Sprong signs PTO with Kraken

On Tuesday, the Kraken quietly gave out a Professional Try-Out agreement to Winger Daniel Sprong, who was previously acquired for Marcus Johansson.

Sprong finished his year with the Kraken as a positive influence in the otherwise moribund first season; scoring six goals in 16 games with Seattle, and always being noticeable: his hustle was great, and yeah, someone who was willing to score goals on a team that had trouble with that was a breath of fresh air.

He’ll be coming to training camp and preseason fighting for a longer term contract in a forward group that’s getting younger, hungrier, and much, much more skilled than last year (if only by default), so expect to see plenty of him in different roles throughout the next couple of weeks.

If he manages to stick around? That’s a solid bottom 6 player who can fill in on the wings, and given how he did in just under 20 games with the Kraken? I think I’d like to see more of him around.