Cale Makar receives 1-game suspension for hit on Kraken’s McCann

A net-front battle between the Seattle Kraken and Colorado Avalanche
Photography Provided by @Jennthulhu on Instagram

The NHL announced earlier today that Avs blueliner Cale Makar would be receiving a hearing from the NHL Player Safety Department regarding a hit he threw against Seattle’s Jared McCann in Game 4, where Makar threw McCann into the boards late after a Short-Handed bid, which caused McCann to leave the game early, as we noted in our recap.

Well, Makar had his hearing, and Player Safety has deemed that he will not be participating in Game 5; as NHL Player Safety has determined that Makar will receive a one game suspension for this reckless play, as they explain in their video, with a following transcript:

Monday Night in Seattle, Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar was penalized for interference on Seattle Kraken Forward Jared McCann, which caused an injury. As the video shows, McCann takes a pass from a teammate which springs him for a short-handed offensive chance, with Makar pursuing from behind. McCann takes a shot, which is saved by the goaltender and ricochets up and out of play. After the shot, Makar lightly pushes McCann with his right arm as he skates over the goal line. The Players disengage and skate into the corner. Now, significantly after McCann had released the shot, Makar delivers a shoulder check on McCann, causing him to fall to the ice, and causing an injury. This is Interference.

It is important to note that McCann is in no way eligible to be checked on this play. Makar finishes this check well outside the allowable window for finishing a check. In addition, it is clear Makar knows that McCann is not in possession of the puck when he decides to deliver this hit. While we have heard Makar’s assertion that he thought the puck would bounce into the corner and the play would continue, the onus is on Makar to ensure this occurs before initiating contact. The result is a body check to a vulnerable player who is ineligible to be hit, and causes an injury.

Makar has been neither fined nor suspended previously in his 230 game NHL career. The Department of Player safety has suspended Cale Makar for one Playoff Game.

One game, as far as I’m concerned, is fair. It’s not a replacement for McCann and I would’ve maybe preferred something like two games, but it’s fair.

Makar isn’t generally known for being a goon, and the Avs will be hurting for both offense and defense without him, so as far as I’m concerned this is a perfect trade-off for the time being. It also presents a unique opportunity for the Kraken as they make their way to Denver for Game 5.

So yeah, big Game 5 upcoming as the Kraken take on a Makar-less Avalanche!