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Calder Cup Finals Game 1 RECAP: Coachella gets their first win at Giant Arena in 4-3 win!

Player Photography provided by @Jennthulhu_Photos on Instagram!


The Highlights!

Game Notes

  • As expected, Hershey was Coachella’s most difficult opponent yet…that didn’t have a direct tie to the Flames. They got great performances out of Joe Snively and Hendrix Lapierre, and pushed the Firebirds harder than they ever have before. Thankfully, the Firebirds pushed the Bears right back in a way they really hadn’t been in awhile. They crammed a ton of shots into the first two periods, and by that point both squads were just exhausted with one another and engaged in a penaltyfest.
  • Seriously, of the 18 minutes of penalties called? Almost all of that came in the final period and almost from minute one.
  • Mercifully, the Firebirds had two enormous performances from Ryan Winterton and John Hayden, who both tallied two goals tonight, earning themselves the first and second stars of the night. They were absolutely PHENOMENAL; able to slice through the Bears’ defense (and in one case, their power play) with ease, and give Hunter Shepard absolute fits. Well done to the both of them.
  • But y’know who helped get them those goals? Ville Ottavainen and Cam Hughes, who also got a pair of assists each. It was a very good night for them!
  • An uncharacteristically low SV% from Chris Driedger tonight…if you ignore he only got to see 19 shots all night, and just about all of the ones who did get past him were kind of flukey. Frankly, I think he was fine, and it’s a credit to the Firebirds defense that they kept a team that has otherwise dominated the Eastern Conference.
  • The Firebirds got their first ever win in Hershey’s barn tonight, and so the hard part’s over. Three to go.

Game 2 is an early one; a 2pm start back at the Giant Center to keep the good vibes going.

Let’s see if they can take a commanding lead coming home.

Keep Calm and post the Firebird when they win.

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