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Anchors Away

Pre-game news and analysis for every Kraken game

Kraken look to restart win streak against Canadiens: PREVIEW

Can we call it a Shane Wright revenge game? Is that allowed yet?

Time to hunt in the deep: Kraken vs Panthers PREVIEW

Remember when last year’s Kraken swept the President’s Trophy winners? Good times.

Kraken host the Caps: PREVIEW

The Great Eight’s Seattle Date

Kraken Game 22 PREVIEW: Vs. LA (yet again)!

The West coast road trip comes to a close in LA. Let’s finish strong!

Kraken Game 21 PREVIEW: vs. Anaheim (again)!

The Deep tests the waters back at the Ponda Center!

Kraken Game 20 PREVIEW: vs. Vegas (again)!

The Pacific road trip begins with one hell of a test

Kraken Game 19 PREVIEW: vs. San Jose!

A pre-turkey day clash!

Kraken Game 18 PREVIEW: vs. Los Angeles!

The Kings had themselves a very fun friday night, now they get to face the Kraken!

Kraken Game 17 PREVIEW: vs. NY Rangers!

A battle of blue shirts!

Kraken Game 16 PREVIEW: vs. Winnipeg!

Manitoba’s favorite soap opera appears to have settled things to the point that they can at least enjoy success!

Kraken Game 15 PREVIEW: Vs. Minnesota! (Again!?)

If we play you again will you promise to buzz off until next year? Cool.

Kraken host Predators: Game Preview

One by land or two by sea?

Kraken Game 13 PREVIEW: Vs. Pittsburgh (Again!)

Wait...didn’t we just do this?

Kraken Game 12 PREVIEW: vs. Minnesota!

On one side, a team with big aspirations and a lot of questions in net. On the other, a team with big aspirations and a lot of question marks regarding their goaltending!

Kraken vs Flames: Game Preview

Seattle looks to break an 0-4 start against the division rival tonight in Calgary

Seattle Kraken vs Pittsburgh Penguins preview

Sorry, Pittsburgh, you’re still not getting Tanev back.

Preview: Kraken vs. Canucks

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?

Kraken Game 8 PREVIEW: vs. Buffalo!

The Kraken gave up their gimme. and now must face an early season powerhouse.

Seattle Kraken @ Chicago Blackhawks PREVIEW

We all love a little bit of hockey in the morning, don’t we?

Seattle Kraken vs Colorado Avalanche PREVIEW

Seattle beat Colorado the last time they met up — let’s do that again

Kraken Game 5 PREVIEW: vs. St.Louis!

The already battle hardened Kraken welcome a team that has game????

Kraken Game 4 PREVIEW: Vs. Carolina!

We've seen the West, now lets welcome some East Coasters!

Kraken vs Kings Game 2 PREVIEW

Cruisin’ up I-5 to take on the chrome domes

Kraken Game 1 PREVIEW: vs. Anaheim!

Game one is at long last here!...And it’s the first part of a back to back!

PREVIEW: Kraken PRESEASON Game 6 - The finale!

After counts.

Preview: Kraken visit Calgary for preseason game 5

The penultimate preseason game takes place in Canadian cow town

Kraken PRESEASON Game 4 Preview: Rematch on I-5

A southbound group of Canuckleheads are coming to wage hockey

Kraken Preseason GAME 3: Clash of Cascadia warm up!

It’s time to once again meet our friends a couple hours north!

Kraken Preseason Game 1 PREVIEW: Oil up

The Kraken begin their preseason hosting the Albertan NHL teams. First, the Oilers!

Prepare For Landing: Jets Host Kraken

Seattle tries to go out on a high note against Winnipeg in the season finale

Third Time’s A Charm: Sharks Visit Seattle

Seattle can secure their third win against San Jose — the most against any opponent

Back home: Kraken host Kings

There’s still a winning streak going on if we ignore all those road games