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Anchors Away

Pre-game news and analysis for every Kraken game

Kraken host the Blue Jackets: PREVIEW

Time to get a win before no hockey for 2 weeks

Fire in the Deep: A Kraken vs Flames preview

Fire can’t live underwater

Kraken host the Devils: PREVIEW

It’s the Spider-man pointing meme on ice

Here we go again: Kraken vs Oilers preview

How many Oilers games can we squeeze into one 30-day period?

The Kraken come home to face the lightning: PREVIEW

The Seattle Kraken clearly will never lose another game

Kraken Game 42 PREVIEW: vs. Chicago!

Hot off the heels of an extremely strong win, the Kraken...face a team that isn’t nearly as good.

Beniers, Burky, and Bjorky take on the Bs

Behold, a best-on-best battle

Back in the US of A: Kraken vs Sabres preview

The second phase of the road trip begins

Game Preview: Kraken versus Canadiens (Again!)

Shane Wright Revenge Tour: Part Deux

Kraken Game 38 PREVIEW: vs. Ottawa!

The Kraken go to Canada’s capital to take on a rising team!

Kraken take on Gio, Boy Boy, and the Leafs

Game two of four straight in Canada — and this one might be the toughest

Edmonton once again: Kraken vs Oilers PREVIEW

Yes, these two teams just played. You aren’t going insane.

Game 35 PREVIEW: vs. New York Islanders

Jordan Eberle Revenge Game

Game 34 PREVIEW: vs. Edmonton! (again!)

Your last Kraken game of 2022 features Connor McDavid and the hollowed out dumpster of a team he and Leon Draisaitl are expected to drag to relevancy

Holiday Heat: Kraken take on the Flames

A kraken could extinguish a flame with ease imo

The last pre-holiday game preview: Kraken take on the Canucks

Can Seattle enter the break on a winning streak? Let’s find out!

St. Louis Style: Kraken vs. Blues PREVIEW

They have good ribs and weird pizza

Kraken Game 30 PREVIEW: vs. Winnipeg!

The Jets have been soaring above most of their opponents lately. Let’s ground them.

Kraken head to Carolina: A Preview

John Forslund revenge game?

Shocking the competition: Kraken vs Lightning preview

The sunny Florida road swing continues

Time to Hunt in the Deep (Again): Kraken vs Panthers PREVIEW

Let’s get a win in the books again, yes?

Kraken Game 26 PREVIEW: vs. Washington (Again!)

The Squids go south in the winter!

Kraken look to restart win streak against Canadiens: PREVIEW

Can we call it a Shane Wright revenge game? Is that allowed yet?

Time to hunt in the deep: Kraken vs Panthers PREVIEW

Remember when last year’s Kraken swept the President’s Trophy winners? Good times.

Kraken host the Caps: PREVIEW

The Great Eight’s Seattle Date

Kraken Game 22 PREVIEW: Vs. LA (yet again)!

The West coast road trip comes to a close in LA. Let’s finish strong!

Kraken Game 21 PREVIEW: vs. Anaheim (again)!

The Deep tests the waters back at the Ponda Center!

Kraken Game 20 PREVIEW: vs. Vegas (again)!

The Pacific road trip begins with one hell of a test

Kraken Game 19 PREVIEW: vs. San Jose!

A pre-turkey day clash!

Kraken Game 18 PREVIEW: vs. Los Angeles!

The Kings had themselves a very fun friday night, now they get to face the Kraken!

Kraken Game 17 PREVIEW: vs. NY Rangers!

A battle of blue shirts!

Kraken Game 16 PREVIEW: vs. Winnipeg!

Manitoba’s favorite soap opera appears to have settled things to the point that they can at least enjoy success!