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AHL WCF Game 1 RECAP: John Hayden scores twice to put Firebirds on top!

Sometimes, you just get a great performance.

Sometimes, it’s John Hayden haunting the Admirals like an apparition.

The Highlights!

Game Notes

  • After having a reasonably quiet series against the Reign (not that it was long), John Hayden became an absolute firecracker out there on the ice; getting both goals tonight; once as the endpoint of a rush from Devin Shore, and the other on the power play. Top grades and stars to him for all his work!
  • There are some punks on this Admirals team; of the penalties assessed to Milwaukee, a vast majority of them were either roughing calls (admittedly met by Coachella) or high sticking. Hopefully Marian Studenic is ready to take up more physical play.
  • The Firebirds power play got plenty of practice thanks to said punks, and while 1-for-6 feels a little low given how many opportunities were given, I’d like to highlight their one goal as something to watch; they draw forecheckers to the puck carrier before a pass in order to open up space, move dudes into the middle, and force hard shots from the high blocker. They’ve gotten multiple goalies to bite on this in a way that makes them look silly, and Grosenick was only the latest victim of it. It’s mesmerizing to watch when it’s working well.
  • So hey remember in the preview I said that Zach L’Heureux has a fuse and is liable to blow his top? Guess what, it’s shorter than I thought it was. He got 10 and a game for getting so mad at the officials he began screaming bloody murder at them. He’s also 100% in control of the AHL scoring lead after his goal tonight so maybe they ought to ask him to finally reign this in a bit? Not for anything that he’d bring to the game for the Ads, mind you. I just want this to be a competitive conference finals like we’re having in the NHL. I do want the Firebirds to work a little for this.
  • Chris Driedger had himself a night: finishing with a .973 SV% on 38 saves. Great night at the office for him, but that’s just about what we can expect from him at this point.

A fine win at home, and they’ll have a chance to get Game 2 on Friday, with the puck drop set for 7pm PT.

We’ll see you there! Post the firebird when we win!

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