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The future of DJLR 2.0 needs you! We’re doing a Fundraiser!

There’s a whole new age of Kraken Coverage coming. We need your help to get there.

We’re going solo, baby.

Hey everybody, I promised some updates and details on our continuation of Davy Jones’ Locker Room, and here they are.

Back in January as you know, we got the news that Vox was no longer going to manage or monetarily support all but eight SBNation NHL sites, and that DJLR was going to be one of them. Naturally, that left us in a bit of a spiral; what did that mean for the writers/editors? Would we just lose the ability to use chorus and the site would remain effectively as a gravesite for all our hard work? Would we have to build a brand new site from nothing?

Well, thankfully, the short answer is going to be “no.”

Davy Jones’ Locker Room is going fully independent.

Vox Media gave the sites effected the choice of either going fully independent or being sold to another outlet, and we have all collectively chosen to go full indie, starting on April 1st (hilarious, I know). It’s an exciting time! It’s also a little spooky. Thankfully, covering a team in tech-obsessed Seattle means that it’s attracted some very smart and savvy people that can take Vox’s original code, update it for our new site (and get rid of the unnecessary stuff), and get it ready for a brand new SBNation-less coat of paint!

We need your help to hit the ground running.

Our chosen form of website hosting, Hostinger, features a very reasonable cost per month, but we’d like to be able to pay our writers/editors while continuing to provide the same level of coverage that you’ve come to expect, as well as set a reasonable monetization goal going forward. We’re prioritizing making that as unobtrusive to you as humanly possible, we know well the struggle of trying not to get harangued by ads while trying to access quality coverage.

To do this, we’re doing the fun thing everybody else is doing and doing two things.

The First, is a very short survey that will help us better understand you, the person reading DJLR, as we make our way into the great unknown! You may take it here.

The second, is a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds. You can access it here or just below this sentence.

Our goal is specific to allow us to get to the end of the year under what will soon be our old stipend from Vox before we transition to a model that best fits ourselves and you, the reader.

If you can give, from the very bottom of all of our hearts...thank you. We mean it. I mean we really, really mean it. If you happen to not be in a position to give? Then sharing the link, posting about it on your various social media pages, anything you can do to get people aware of who we are, and what we’re doing, is just as appreciated. You’re taking a chance on us just like you did when you came here for the first time to check out all this Kraken stuff, and we’re glad you’re sticking around.

Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.