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Game 61 RECAP: Kraken snatch 5-4 OT victory from jaws of defeat!

If you gotta win ugly, then make it ugly.

Seattle Kraken v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Kraken really embody the drama of Ice Hockey, don’t they?

But first, the Highlights!

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Vince Dunn, who played a full 25 minutes (5 of which were on the power play).
  • This should have been a game that the Kraken blew the Red Wings straight out of the water in. They controlled play, they had tons more shots, they cycled faster, they kept Detroit on their heels...EXCEPT when the backchecking of the Kraken decided it did not need to do it’s job, leaving their goalies out to dry on more than one occasion, as Jared McCann himself admitted on the post-game. It allowed a very young and fast Detroit to sneak in past everybody more than once and keep this game infinitely tighter than it possibly should’ve been. Thank goodness gracious for Ollie Bjorkstrand getting off a big W because the alternative of having to give up a point for this kind of effort was just...yeah. Don’t do that again please.
  • Martin Jones got chased tonight thanks to his .750 SV% that the eye test very much corrected. He didn’t have a great start to his game and frankly the Kraken as mentioned didn’t make it easy on him what with their defensive structure completely collapsing in front of him, but I think pulling him was the right call. If you’re giving up the goal he did to Ben Chiarot? Or whatever he was doing on the Berggren goal? You need a minute to cool down and reassess. Grubauer in his relief effort finished with a .941 SV%. I get the feeling Hakstol’s gonna be doing a lot of this from now on.
  • McCann had a monstrous 3 point night, and frankly has just been crazy productive over this last stretch even if the results on the scoresheet haven’t been favorable. The most potent 5v5 goal scorer per 60 in the NHL deserved his flowers tonight.
  • The Kraken love giving 2 point nights out in bunches: Eberle and Matty Beniers picked up yet another 2 points on assists, while Bjorkstrand got himself two goals: one in the first...and the game winner. While he’s been struggling for the back of the net, it seems like the goals he is scoring are coming up big when they come.
  • On a systems level I will give the Kraken props that the power play is doing stuff now, but I still think a team that draws as many penalties as they’ve been needs to cash in more.
  • BIG 2 points to claw out from under the Oilers. They’re gonna need every last one they can spare, and this long weekend’s worth of games is a huge buffer to potentially build before coming home to face Anaheim. Which should be a gimme but I think we can safely say for certain is not necessarily how the Kraken do things; nobody plays a normal game in Washington State.
  • It’s so funny that the difference between the Wild Card and the top of the division is two games of wins. The Pacific Division rules.
  • Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.

Let’s take a look at this one through some charts!:

Slammed Husso all night but the Kraken gotta be better for their own goalie.

The Kraken get no rest, as they hit the ice against Columbus tomorrow against the reeling Blue Jackets at 4pm PT!

We’ll see you at the Gamethread, or if you happen to be in Ohio!

Let’s go Squids!