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Game 68 RECAP: Vince Dunn calls game in one of the ugliest possible wins the Kraken have ever gotten; winning 2-1!

Thee ugliest actual game I’ve ever watched in the past year

Seattle Kraken v San Jose Sharks Photo by Kavin Mistry/NHLI via Getty Images

This game was awful.

I am so glad they won it.

If you can stand to re-live it, here are the Highlights:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was...huh! Vince Dunn with 26:04 logged! Fancy that!
  • Oh my god this game was greasy. Nobody wanted to score, neither goaltender surrendered much right up until the near very end, and every other half-decent scoring opportunity either ended in failure or a whiff. This game was cursed and SAP Center needs an exorcist because that was just about the worst game either side have played all year. Even in a win.
  • Vinnie Dunn finishing this game was not just a mercy killing of a game resembling the Eraserhead baby, it also capped off an 11 game point streak which ties his career high! Vinnie? THANK YOU.
  • Ollie Bjorkstrand’s game-tying tally hilariously was exactly the kind of thing the Kraken have been winning with all year; a long stretch pass in transition, and it’s good to finally see him contribute here and there with a pair of points!
  • Humorously, Philipp Grubauer had a pretty solid night: 31 shots saved with a .969 SV%. Part of that was the curse, but hey, the German Gent kept this moribund offense in this game all night and we have him to thank for those two points at the end of it all.
  • Man, Johnny Hayden is aggressive. He’s got an edge that could really endear himself to Seattle if he can find a way to stick around.
  • Kraken get a much needed two points and by dragging the Sharks to OT somehow screw with their Bedard Odds. They’re still in the Wild Card 1 spot (or in a superior format, the 7th seed), but are currently a single point back on the Oilers. Just in time for the Oilers to come to Seattle.
  • Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg when we win.

Let’s take a look around this game in the NaturalStatTrick charts!

They could’ve won this game like three times over. Lmao.

Kraken return to Seattle for arguably one of the biggest possible games of the year: The Edmonton Oilers come to town for the final meetup between the two squads. This could end up being a turning point for both.

We’ll be right there with you on Saturday at 1pm PT to find out together. GO SQUIDS.