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Game 67 Recap: Kraken roll over for Stars in 5-2 drubbing

Dallas brought the wrath of the heavens down tonight.

Dallas Stars v Seattle Kraken Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Well. That sucked.

If you can stand it, here are the Highlights:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI Leader was Adam Larsson with 24:16 logged.
  • The Stars took the overtime last time personally and spent the 60 minutes alloted to this game trying to beating the stuffing out of the Kraken backcheck and penalty kill especially; shredding their defense with speed, and forcing Jones to be something he’s not, and it cost the team. The defense did not respond well to much pressure at all and in so doing made an already difficult game next to impossible.
  • 34 power play opportunities for the Stars went in and most of them came from entirely avoidable penalties, and entirely avoidable sequences. The Kraken should expect a long, long practice after this on that.
  • Jones finished the night with an .844 SV%. I think we can safely say for now that Jones should probably start against teams looking to be in the hunt for Bedard, because it seems like the goal support that usually follows him has also dried up. That’ll probably mean Grubauer needs to start taking more starts, which means this offense must get better.
  • Hysterically this brutalizing has had otherwise no real effect on the standings; Edmonton plays tomorrow against Ottawa, so we’ll see if they take this opportunity to knock the Kraken out of third. Otherwise, you’ve got San Jose on Thursday. That should be a win. Edmonton is also possible if you work at it. But you need to get a groove going.
  • The Squids are way too late to tank and increasingly too late to make the playoffs; the rest of the West simply won’t allow themselves to overtake the Kraken if Adam Fantilli or Connor Bedard is a possibility, and the only other team trying to prove themselves worthy of that other wildcard spot is either rapidly proving themselves as fraudulent as you probably feel like the Kraken are right now, one hates their coach’s guts so much and won’t play hockey well to compensate for it, and the other didn’t have enough punch to get through 90% of the regular season up until right now. A groove must be gotten before next week, where the last few major challenges slip away, and the rest of the year is just Anaheim, Arizona, Vancouver, and a pair of Vegas games. A load of gimmes that this team should easily overcome. LA, whether they deserve to face them or not, awaits. It would behoove them to find out if their best exists in a playoff format.
  • Hey at least Tolvanen got on the board again. Love that kid’s shot, man.
  • Get well soon, Burky. WE NEED YOU.
  • We again apologize for the lack of game thread. The thing is that our editor is currently in the process of moving and also acclimating to a new job, so things might be delayed for the next couple of weeks. We’ll be trying to get things set long before the games actually start. We’re hoping to fix this particular issue once we leave our space under Vox’s thumb.
  • Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.

Let’s all grumble at charts from

Those power play goals were lethal, man. Gotta clean that up.

The Kraken get Tuesday and Wednesday off for travel and practice, and then face the Sharks on Thursday in San Jose. That game begins at 7:30pm PT.

We’ll see you there. Go Squids.