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Game 66 RECAP: Kraken can’t complete comeback in 4-3 OT Loss

Stole a point, get a chance to get back at them Monday.

Dallas Stars v Seattle Kraken Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Got close. Gotta go get the other two on Monday.

But first, the Highlights:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Adam Larsson with 20:49 logged.
  • Result aside, this was a track meet without the goals for a shocking amount of this game; both sides traded possessions and quality chances back and forth until regulation ended and it felt like the playoffs, even just for a moment, had come early.
  • The most critical element to this loss was simple; the Kraken took their foot off the gas against one of the league’s most dynamic teams, particularly with that final few minutes of bus parking. Hakstol has to get his team in an aggressive state of mind in order to win games like this: establish possession and win, don’t sit back and shot block. You already have trouble getting games stolen by your goalies; making the hard job of NHL goaltending harder isn’t doing anybody any favors.
  • Though really one thing I’m getting annoyed with is puck security that’s caused Seattle more drama these days than is necessary; sure, the Stars were shooting and passing with a lot less issue tonight because they’re...well, very good, but they got a lot of gifts from the Kraken.
  • Though I’ll give the Stars credit: Jake Oettinger is as advertised. The better goalie got his team two points. Kraken are gonna need to find a way to get this young gun moving around in his crease on Monday, or screen him as much as possible. He’s good.
  • Meanwhile, Grubauer’s .840 SV% doesn’t tell the whole story; nearly every shot the Stars had felt extremely dangerous, particularly with the amount of puck watching Gruby’s backcheckers were doing in the vain hope of blocking shots for him.
  • Ryan Donato comes back, Ryan Donato scores. I think this is the key for him these days: give ‘em a couple of games, rest him, get him back in the lineup, reap the benefits. It’s maybe not ideal, but it’s a strategy worth employing.
  • Mercifully the Kraken don’t lose any real position thanks to the loser point, and Edmonton blew it in a huge way last night, so they can still keep their position. They still gotta play the same team Monday night, so let’s funnel that 2nd and 3rd period effort into 60 minutes.
  • This team is determined to have me ripping chunks of my hair out at the root sometimes.
  • Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win

It’s time for some Charts from

Maybe get shots to Oettinger if you can? Move some bodies around with skating if not hits? Just a thought for Monday!

As I’ve said over and over, Monday’s foe is the very same Dallas Stars team you saw tonight. That game is at 7pm PT.

Round 2 of this very silly home and home. Let’s get the two points and cruise through the rest of the schedule! GO SQUIDS!