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Kraken Game 66 PREVIEW: Vs. Dallas!

Man I hope you like green because you’re about to see a lot of it

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Just the Facts:

The Time: 7pm PT

The Place: Climate Pledge Arena in Beautiful Seattle, Washington

Place to Watch: ROOT Northwest

Place to Listen: KJR 93.3fm

An Opposing Perspective: Defending Big D

Know Your Enemy:

  • Dallas just recently completed a 10 goal night against the Buffalo Sabres, are 1st in the Central Division, and is currently 5-3-2 which feels...wrong? It feels like a team who dropped 10 should be doing better.
  • Their leading goalscorer this year is Jason Robertson, who also leads the team in points. He’s got 38 goals and 83 points in 65 games.
  • Roope Hintz and Jamie Benn are currently sharing a tidy 60 points, though Hintz has done it in only 57 games to Benn’s 65.
  • Their starting goalie, Jake Oettinger, has been hovering around top 5 in the NHL for awhile now; .920 SV% in 48 starts, and won 4 of his last 5.

Game Preview:

Well, last game was a little heartstring pulling, but now the Squids need to collect themselves and get ready for war; they’ve got Dallas tonight and then on Monday, and Dallas is intent on making some gruesome statements these days. Their recent performances suggest they are no longer necessarily interested in keeping pace, just putting unbearable violence down on their foes; capped off with that aforementioned 10 goal vaporizing of the Sabres. It’s going to be one of Seattle’s biggest tests of the season.

...But it’s one they can win.

See, the Stars have a curious quirk where their prodigious offense kinda goes...dead, like a faulty car battery. And when that happens they get into weird shootout games where teams like Chicago can win games against them because they simply can’t keep up. Their power play seems to be the key to it all; if the Kraken can keep them off the board on special teams, they’ll be able to cut into what is otherwise one of the NHL’s most intriguing western conference foes.

It’s gonna be a hell of a matchup, but I can’t wait to watch. LET’S GO KRAKEN!