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Kraken Game 50 RECAP: Seattle gets stumped by Sorokin. Lose 4-0

The vacation hangover rears it’s ugly head.

Seattle Kraken v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A game to absolutely forget.

But first, what could charitably be referred to as “Highlights”:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Vince Dunn, who finished his night with 23:16 logged.
  • So much for the Islanders’ offensive struggles, huh? That Horvat kid turned out to be pretty good after all.
  • Of course, the real difference maker for the Islanders was Ilya Sorokin, who pitched a very impressive shutout and Martin Jones...simply did not. Sorokin should’ve been every star twice over just from the amount of work put in front of him. Martin Jones didn’t, and that was really most of the problem solved right there. The Kraken had golden opportunity after golden opportunity and couldn’t capitalize once. Martin Jones, while he’s strung together some decent performances...couldn’t reach that level of play tonight. The first goal was brutal, and the second may as well have counted for 30.
  • There was also some less-than-stellar puck security in front of Martin Jones all night, which drove me to drink early. He is your goaltender, gentlemen. You cannot be mishandling the puck in front of or behind him because there’s nowhere for that puck to go BUT in front of him. You gotta clamp down on that before you head to Jersey.
  • In summation; the Kraken did a lot of the stuff that usually works well for them; killer transition game, smooth passing and skating, winning puck battles and setting up cycles...they pretty much everybody did everything right except score. This sucks, and it super sucks when they did a lot of overcorrecting in pressure in the third, but getting goalie’d does happen.
  • No big deal, this is gonna be a long road trip, and they’ll have plenty of time to course correct.
  • Keep calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.

Let’s try to understand what the hell happened here through some flowcharts from

Whatever they’re paying Sorokin, it isn’t enough. Also STOP TURNING THE PUCK OVER IN FRONT OF MARTY.

Kraken go across state lines for travel tomorrow, then begin a back-to-back with the Devils and the Rangers on Thursday. They drop the puck in New Jersey at 4pm PT.

We’ll see you there, come hell or high water.