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Kraken Game 58 PREVIEW: vs. Boston!

Squids on the backfoot must bear the brunt of Bruin backhanders

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Boston Bruins Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

The Need To Knows:

The Time: 7pm PST

The Place: Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington!

Place to Watch: ROOT Northwest, SportsNet 360

Place to Listen: KJR 93.3fm

Opposing SBNation Perspective: Stanley Cup of Chowder

Know your Enemy:

  • Boston’s leading goalscorer is David Pastrnak, who has 41 goals in 56 games.
  • Really there’s not any category Pastrnak doesn’t lead right now: He leads in goals, assists, power play points and goals...he’s really gunning for an all-timer contract.
  • Linus Ullmark is leading the NHL in SV% with a .937 SV%, and 29 wins on the year. No small amount of work ahead of Seattle.

Game Preview

So hey, after a fairly rough game against an extremely beatable San Jose, the Seattle Kraken will be facing...the best team in the NHL.


Boston’s riding high on a four game winning streak in which they’ve pretty much skunked everybody, so this is once again the Kraken’s biggest challenge that isn’t Vegas related. They’re gonna have to pull out all the stops in order to beat these Bruins and then some, because right now they’re rolling. Further! Will the Kraken actually do something at the deadline? Will they make a move? Who will be scouting the Squids tonight on Level 9?

Is there any hope? Well, the NHL is a funny place, and the Kraken are one of the blessed few teams all year who’ve beaten the Bruins in regulation, and quite badly at that. It’ll be tough but...we’ve seen them do it.

Still, should be a good game. LET’S GO KRAKEN!