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Kraken Game 53 RECAP: Seattle finally gets it’s act together to beat Philly 4-3!

This road trip hasn’t been ideal, but at least now we have something to build on.

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Now was that so hard?

Or if it was, could it be less dramatic?

But first, the Highlights!

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Adam Larsson, who played a whopping 26:19 yesterday.
  • This didn’t start as the kind of game that the Kraken might’ve had previously where they win games close; they were still having those same issues from the last couple of games where a moderately bad sequence turned into a goal-against, but this time, the Flyers were nice enough to gift the Kraken multiple absurdly good opportunities thanks to some hilarious puck protection on their part. For as much as John Tortorella spends his time kvetching about hard work, he sure seems like he’s letting little details slip through the cracks.
  • While everyone can and should be praising Jaden Schwartz for coming off his slide, I think Jordan Eberle had an absolutely fantastic game; special shoutout to that truly hysterical sequence where he tried passing to Schwartz like three-four times in a row, getting it blocked, and then it just trickled straight back to him so he could try again. It was like a passing drill.
  • Grubauer did...not really have an ideal game. But I admit I’m lightly biased due to the feeling that the short-handed goal was just atrocious. Otherwise, he handled himself well and the Kraken really didn’t give up a ton of shots today so I’m willing to be nice and say “it was less of a problem than I expected it would be”. Still needs to be better and the goal support definitely still is an issue.
  • Actually kind of a low-event game all things considered; good on the Kraken for taking their chances where they could get them in order to get things rolling.
  • One thing to watch for in the upcoming week is Matty Beniers, who was hobbled by a huge shot that caught him on the side of the knee; notably on a place where there isn’t much padding and it looked like it smarted badly. We hope it was just the agony of getting hit there (do not try it at home without padding and even then don’t), and not the sign of a worse injury. We know what this team is like without him. It ain’t pretty.
  • The win was nice, but now the Kraken have the Oilers and Kings to contend with; presumably until the season’s over. Gonna need to start another winning streak here, boys.
  • Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.

Lets get under the hood and take a look at the NaturalStatTrick Charts!


Kraken have a day off for travel, and then play the Winnipeg Jets as the last leg of the road trip before coming home on Thursday. The Jets game begins at 7pm PT.

We’ll see you there!