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Kraken Game 52 RECAP: Bad first period kills any late-period positives as Kraken lose 6-3

New York Area cursed. Do Not wish to go back.

NHL: Seattle Kraken at New York Rangers Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Starting to think this road trip was a bad call after the paradise of Baja California.

But first, the Highlights:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader tonight was Vince Dunn with 22:07 logged.
  • The Rangers got three goals real early from some less-than-stellar defensive coverage in the first period and made the confident assertion that a Kraken team that has been seemingly incapable of finishing over this road trip would not be able to get back into it, and believe it or not before they pulled the goaltender they would almost be right. It’s been a frustrating bunch of games and boy it’s made the last three games an absolute nightmare.
  • Of course, this one featured one of the worst 20 minute spans of defensive play by the Kraken I’ve seen yet this year, which is just unacceptable given their play over the first 45+ games. It’s not just “oh they had a rough game”, it’s that they’ve had plenty of games where they played much better and have set a higher standard for themselves in their own end. They need to use their practice over Saturday to give their heads a good shake, and come into Sunday’s game against the Flyers with a head of steam.
  • Believe it or not, the Kraken have still only fallen to the point that the Oilers are tied with them for 2nd in division. Pacific is still very much up for grabs, and if they can get their shit together they can gain control of their destiny again. Still, they absolutely have to do so against Philly.
  • We once again are dealing with a drought from their top line that desperately needs to prove they’re the top line. The Kraken’s depth is coming in huge most of the time, but we need the starts to keep playing like stars.
  • Ronnie I think a scoring winger should be on the top of the shopping list at this rate. Yes, they should try to stay the course for next year, but the Kraken desperately need finish at this point and unless CV has somebody head and shoulders above everybody else; they need to prove themselves as the stars in these kinds of road trips.
  • Get well soon, Burky.
  • Keep calm, and Post Zoidberg when we win.

The game, as presented in advanced stats by

Regretfully, the NHL didn’t deem it necessary to track shots tonight, so really this is the best we can do today.

The Kraken will have Saturday off, and then they’ll go to their penultimate game on this accursed road trip against the Flyers on Super Bowl Sunday at 10am PT.

We’ll see you there.