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Kraken Game 38 RECAP: Seattle Shock Sens with 8-4 beatdown!

There was like...maybe two minutes of the entire game where it was close.

Seattle Kraken v Ottawa Senators Photo by Matt Zambonin/NHLI via Getty Images

Sens got themselves a bad day

But First, the Highlights!

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Vince Dunn, with a tidy 24:05 played.
  • The state of Senators goaltending, holy cow. They were dreadful in a way I didn’t think was capable of happening outside the borders of King County and the Sens, who did a lot to try and win this game, just could not get a save to keep them alive. It’s like Seattle is transferring their bad goalie vibes onto the other team in order to win recently. It’s awesome.
  • Schultz, Matty B, and Sprong all had two point nights, and Jordan Eberle and Burakovsky finished with 3. Given that any old shot had a great chance of making it to the net tonight, this shouldn’t surprise you.
  • I would be mildly concerned with Jones’ .826 but given that both Sens goalies were so bad I will happily give him a pass.
  • Matthew Beniers is the first rookie to 30 points this year, and I don’t anticipate him slowing up for much. He’s just on another planet when he’s rolling.
  • Tim Stützle had a hat trick, for all the good it did the Sens tonight. I hope he sticks around out there, he’s genuinely fun to watch.
  • Boy Tkachuk is a prick, isn’t he?
  • Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.

Let’s take a look at this game analytically from the charts at!

One of the more deranged heatmaps I’ve ever seen.

The Kraken get a day of rest, then head off to Montreal to face the Bleu, Blanc, Et Rouge on Monday for a 4:30pm PT tilt.

We’ll see you there!