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Kraken Game 36 RECAP: Kraken roar back from 2-0 defecit to win 5-2!

Nothing says revenge like a little comeback!

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports


But first, the Highlights!

Game Notes

  • Man, when the Oilers fall apart, they really fall apart. The Kraken got their game going in the 2nd off of Matty Beniers’ tally from the puck bouncing around all over the place, and then proceeded to capitalize on every really bad mistake the Oilers made from then on. First it was a penalty call meant the Oilers couldn’t leave their zone which means they surrendered swathes of open ice to allow Schwartz to get out in front of Skinner, then there was their inability to get the puck out allowing Yanni to pounce on a bouncing puck, and finally a lacksadaisical effort on defending Wennberg setting up McCann to effectively put this game well out of Edmonton’s hands. I thought the Kraken could be a little moody, but apparently the Oilers are far more dramatic about it.
  • Actually going back and re-watching this; The Oilers let up two goals from the low slot. Almost in the same place. Gotta love the silky smooth performance of Wenny, Canner and Gourde on all that; the Oilers straight up did not know how dangerous those shots were going to be and they paid dearly for it.
  • Lost in the goal that got all of this started was more magic from Andre Burakovsky; who managed to draw three Oilers over to him before making an emphatic pass and forcing them to look at him and Sprong; Beniers had Nurse on him sure, but it came way too late, and that got the ball rolling. Excellent stuff from him.
  • Hakstol and video coach Tim Ohashi also deserve more than a little credit for correctly making a challenge at the right time and keeping the Oilers from getting momentum. I know that video review is unpopular (what with the sheer amount of time wasted), but that was honestly a solid call that kept this group in a game they were otherwise flipping the script on in real time.
  • First game in a while where Danny Sprong’s efforts weren’t rewarded. It’s a real shame, he had a beautiful break in the first that could’ve changed the complexion of this one even harder.
  • Martin Jones may be really good at getting overaggressive sometimes, but a .938 SV% after facing McDavid and Draisaitl is no mean feat. Excellent work by Jones after the first period to lock this game down and excellent work by the Kraken defense helping him out as best they could.
  • Matty B with another 2 points and the Kraken walk away from this one with another 2 points, leapfrogging Calgary for the time being and returning to 3rd in the Pacific. It’s still gonna be tough sailing coming into this long, long road trip, so efforts like these are great tone-setters.
  • Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win

Let’s Take a Look at this game from the analytics, thanks to charts from!:

The Kraken over the last two games have made the most dangerous area of the ice their base camp. It’s been fun watching good goaltenders sweat out the fact that most shots against them are gonna be tough beats.

The Kraken are on the road for half of this month, then come back for awhile on the 16th and 19th. But for now, the Kraken turn their sights to the Toronto Maple Leafs, who they will play in Toronto at 4pm PT on Thursday.

Let’s get this road trip rolling against a team known for blowing leads even more spectacularly than Edmonton! GO SQUIDS!