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WE’RE GOING OUTSIDE! The Kraken and the Golden Knights face off in the 2024 Winter Classic!


Oakland Athletics v. Seattle Mariners

T-Mobile Park has had a lot of great names walk through it’s halls and onto it’s field to play a magical little game for the raucous Seattle faithful.

Next year, we can add Matty Beniers and Shane Wright to the vaunted list of sportsmen to pass through it’s gate.

The NHL announced today in Boston that Seattle will play host to the 2024 Winter Classic, facing the Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Park!

The time and date are subject to change as usual, but since New Year’s Day will fall on a Monday in 2024, there’s no reason to believe it won’t be on it’s traditional timeslot and day. This will be the first outdoor game the Kraken have ever played, whereas the Knights are two years removed from their meeting of the Avs at Lake Tahoe, where it did not go well for them at all.

Tod Leiweke credited the NHL’s ultimate decision to the Mariners’ support for the well as being able to close the roof if they have to, which means they can dress up the park all they want to, and they seem to be planning on it.

The Kraken will probably look quite different when they make their way out of doors, but that just makes it all the more exciting; this’ll be a FUN little game.

I for one cannot wait.