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Game 40 RECAP: Kraken hang on to win 4-3 against Sabres!

You can breathe now.

Seattle Kraken v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

They never make it easy, do they?

But first, the Highlights! And you do want to watch these, this one was great:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Adam Larsson with 26:49, who had a very busy night.
  • The basic shot attempts will give the impression that the Sabres controlled this one and for portions, that was definitely true. But this one was a close one from bell to bell to bell; both sides were trading awesome chances (not that it’s always a good thing) back and forth and frankly this was one of the best games the Kraken have played just from pure entertainment. Not great for those with weak constitutions, but it sure was fun!
  • I wanna give Justin Schultz special credit tonight, his goal was sweet, but his assist on Yanni Gourde’s goal was arguably even better: delivered that one absolutely delightfully. Well done by him tonight.
  • The Kraken were once again smooth as butter when on their horse, never letting the puck stop and always keeping the Sabres moving in their own end, something they weren’t terribly enthusiastic about doing it seemed. The Sabres are really damn good, though. Thank god Alex Tuch is in the other conference now; I couldn’t bare any more of him more than twice a year.
  • Yet another 2-point night for Matty B, spelling doom for any team that plays the Kraken, capped off with a goal right on the doorstep. Just make the nameplates for the trophy now and save him the time, NHL.
  • Gruby had a hell of a busy night, but he ended up with a .914 SV% with a lot of tough players to play against, and finished with some top class saves. Let’s hope he uses this as a solid starting point to finally getting himself back in the game!
  • So hey the Kraken have the best goal differential in the division right now? Isn’t that hilarious?

Let’s take a look at the charts from!:

Absolutely sat on Comrie

The Kraken get a day off for travel, practice, and maybe a minute to enjoy a warm bowl of Chowder, and then they must face the (objectively. OBJECTIVELY. JUST BASED ON POINTS, ALRIGHT!?) best team in the NHL so far; the Boston Bruins. That game drops the puck at 4pm PT.

This is gonna be the biggest test of the season; let’s see if the boys can rise to the occasion!