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Kraken Game 35 GAMETHREAD

Another one of these Blue and Orange teams, huh?

New York Islanders v Seattle Kraken Photo by Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

Happy New Year, Kraken Fans! We hope you’ve been enjoying the fruits of your 2023, even if it’s only a handful of hours in. Eeli Tolvanen will finally get his first crack in Seattle, and Martin Jones will start in net against a New York team full of piss, vinegar, and other things that hold the decaying infrastructure of the Big Apple together. Meanwhile, Billy Borgen has set a new year’s resolution to eat his vegetables, as he in a more casual interview revealed that he generally doesn’t eat them. A little pepper, salt and adobo goes a long way, Big fella.

Anyway, let’s have ourselves a good ol time and get a win to start 2023! LETS GO KRAKEN!