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Kraken Game 70 GAMETHREAD: vs. St. Louis!

Another slightly early game? I thought we were done with this.

St Louis Blues v Seattle Kraken Photo by Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

We’re at the near end of year one. 12 games between here and the end of the regular season. Wow. It it’s still not that close yet? Like there’s still a month of the season left?

Time is weird, man.

Anyway! St. Louis! Very good! Got Vlad Tarasenko to play way better after a couple of years where he was just dog rough, has a guy who may or may not be the Matchbox Twenty singer who dueted with Santana on the 1999 hit song “Smooth”. Has a goalie controversy! As Jordan Binnington has been otherwise kinda bad, and finnish fella Ville Husso has emerged as the true #1. And like the last three opponents the Kraken faced, they need points to keep their positioning, which could be a fun thing if they stumbled. Still a very quality team that can hang with some of the best if properly assed. The Kraken can take them, however, as they are prone to some mercurial play.


Question of the thread!: What is your favorite side dish in any context? But it must be a side dish.