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Kraken Game 81 GAMETHREAD: vs. San Jose!

A “so long for now” to Climate Pledge features the Sharks and the Kraken in their final confrontation

NHL: Seattle Kraken at San Jose Sharks Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

So this is where I would talk to you all earnestly about the fun, the twists, the turns, and the miracle of Seattle Hockey (and the monkey’s paw of it being so dang weird), where I talk about how much fun it’s been recounting this team’s first season...

...If I didn’t have to shunt every last word of it into a different thread for Sunday night because Winnipeg had a blizzard in April.

Thanks, Jets.

So instead, with both the Kraken and Sharks playing mostly for pride, let’s take a minute to give a big shoutouts to the people who’ve packed the Climate Pledge Arena for 41 games this year. You all had no idea what this team would be like...and in many ways, I’m sure you’re still figuring that out with us. And even then...the Kraken faithful show up. They get loud when this team is rolling, and even louder when they score. Even when this team routinely does not reward that level of’re there. And that’s awesome. Seattle should’ve had this team years ago, and you proved that better than anyone.

And of course, let’s all give some big hands to the countless arena staff that feed and beer us, Public address announcer Chet Buchanan and Josh Hunter who shared the duties until Buchanan took the job full-time, The organist Rod Masters and DJ Trunks for the in-arena tunes, and the ice crew for making Climate Pledge Arena a fun place to watch and play a hockey game.

Now, let’s kick these Sharks back into shallow waters.

Question of the Thread: Did you get a chance to go to Climate Pledge this year?