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Kraken Game 59 GAMETHREAD: vs Toronto!

Things in Seattle sports are a little testy. Let’s remedy that with some Kraken hockey!

Toronto Maple Leafs v Seattle Kraken Photo by Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

To think that a loss tonight for sure will not be the worst thing to happen to Seattle today. For all our Seahawks enjoyer brethren, and especially anybody coming over from Field Gulls...we’re so sorry, man. It didn’t have to end like that.

Anyway, back to hockey, the Leafs are currently going through something the Kraken know all too well; Goaltending issues! Namely, their goaltending is kind of terrible at the moment, and the loss of Jake Muzzin has ensured that there’s going to be a gaping hole in the talent of their blue line for quite a while. The Kraken are facing a team that can absolutely score it’s way out of it’s own problems, but is now very well known for being quite easy to climb back into games with. The key here is taking advantage of those defensive lapses: they cede the front of the net with alarming regularity, and the Kraken must overcome their urge to start their offense from the point in order to attack the net-front as much as possible.

And of course, NOBODY MUST GET HURT.

Question of the Thread: How are you processing the Russell Wilson news?