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Kraken Game 67 GAMETHREAD: vs Vegas!

To think there’s like a non-zero chance the Kraken could actually beat them this time

Seattle Kraken v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Okay so I know this feels like bait but I promise you there’s a non-zero chance the Kraken come out of this game looking pretty okay

See, while the Knights have indeed beaten the Kraken a bunch, they’re quickly running into some good ol’ fashioned hard times thanks to a hospital ward’s worth of players currently taking up space on LTIR for them. The team that set the Kraken on their path to becoming Team Chaos is now a hollowed shade of the once proud monster they used to resemble, and now they desperately need even one point from this game in a way most people need a shower once they’ve left Burning Man. BADLY.

So wouldn’t it be funny if this very beat up team suddenly had to play a more or less rested and playing a little better than the last few months suggested Kraken and then had their hopes possibly scuttled in a home and home?

I think it’d be pretty funny.

Question of the Thread: It’s Blackjack and the dealer shows you 16. you know that any card higher than a 5 will end your run immediately, but you also know that you need at minimum a 4 to be even close to blackjack. Do you hit, or do you fold?