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Kraken Game 63 GAMETHREAD: vs. Detroit!

A game to be played, but who knows who will be left for monday’s action.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Seattle Kraken Photo by Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

Tonight, the Kraken play a hockey game.

Tomorrow, who knows what they’ll even look like.

The Red Wings are on the outside looking in and still have quite a lot of cap space to consider using at some point. They’ve definitely been a high-flying team but man if you think the Kraken defense is maddening, there’s little that can drive a mid-westerner nuts than Lucas Raymond being the sole positive on their defense right now, all others seem to be an exaggerated mess.

Still, the trade deadline mania has begun, and with the Kraken being one of the last teams to go tonight, there could be some real interesting moves made that greatly impact how this game and especially Tuesday’s game against the Yotes shakes out.

I for one am ready for the Kraken’s Capfriendly page to look like a large dippin’ dots bag.

Question of the Thread!: If you could pointlessly add wings to another part of a car, what would it be?