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Kraken Game 62 GAMETHREAD: vs. Tampa!

Some stormy weather? In Seattle? Couldn’t happen.

NHL: NOV 26 Kraken at Lightning
Yes I usually look for the strangest version of any particular photograph. You gonna sue me?
Photo by Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It appears the Kraken are about to make some changes, what with Mark Giordano sitting tonight’s game out. If/When something happens, we’ll talk about it in detail. Until then, we deal with the Florida men who’ve wandered into our home barn.

The Lightning are every bit the nightmare buzzsaw they have been since winning the cup twice over, but this time they’re...kind of mortal, having gone through a three game losing skid over the last week before gutting out a win over the Canucks. They don’t even have the excuse of having a player who is ““““definitely hurt”””” this time; they were just going through it. It seems that for once goals are hard to come by for the Cup champs, and if the Kraken want to get themselves yet another shocker win over another playoff bound team, they need to get ahead on this team and fast. Alternatively, those who wish to Lose For Logan™ or Be Poor-a For Juraj™ should get a good look at a team we will inevitably have to cover for postseason reasons, and potentially a team the Kraken could start looking through for some future boys in dark blue...

Question of the Thread: Tampa and Florida in general are known for crime...and Jetskis. What’s the most Florida crime you could think of to perform with a Jet-Ski?