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Kraken Game 61 GAMETHREAD: vs. Montreal!

The newest team faces the oldest at Centre Bell in Montreal!

Maurice Richard...

The Kraken now face one of the oldest hockey clubs in the world, and how is that storied team doing? That titan of the industry and face of the sport kind of franchise?

...Not great, but getting better!

The Habs have been bad throughout most of the season but the biggest change in their fortunes has come in the form of former Stanley Cup winning center Martin St. Louis taking up the head coaching gig, and a team that previously looked completely and utterly hopeless for much of the year has ripped off a 7-3-0 record in their last 10 and has finally been able to unlock some of that rookie scoring their former coach couldn’t seem to figure out on his own. Also Sam Montembault has apparently been possessed by the spirit of George Vezina himself because he’s playing out of his mind. Under the hood they’re...well, they’re still having trouble getting pucks to net, but they are better than where they were, which was right down with Arizona and the Rangers. The Kraken, going through yet another aggravating slump, would do well to try and take advantage of this

Question of the Thread: There’s a long-running superstition that the Montreal Canadiens must have a bilingual General Manager. If you could impose some extremely silly restriction on the Kraken like that, what would it be?