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Kraken Game 60 GAMETHREAD: vs. Ottawa!

The Kraken journey to Ottawa’s capital* to face the Senators!

NHL: MAR 08 Senators at Blues

* = 21 minutes outside, but you get the gist

The Kraken face the Sens tonight! Let’s take a look at how they’re doing!

Hot damn! That’s pretty rough!

The Sens are in a weird place: They really thought they’d be in the hunt for the playoffs this year and uh...yeah that didn’t quite go as planned. Their goaltending may not be Kraken-tier, but it’s real close. Anton Forsberg has ultimately landed the job mostly out of necessity, and their defense in spite of Thomas Chabot’s impressive acumen hasn’t really been able to take the step necessary for the Senators to become on the same level as the Lightning or Leafs. Such a shame. Given how Ottawa fans have been treated both by other Canadians and by their owner, they could really use a break.

As per usual, NOBODY MUST GET HURT, and also the Kraken should consider extended zone time to allow this defense to wear itself out on it’s own

Question of the Thread!: Mariners are back, I hear. Are you ready for a little M’s Baseball after the season? You ready for some dingers?