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NHL All-Star Weekend Primer and Gamethread: Everything you could possibly want to know about this enormous fustercluck of an event!

Welcome to the All-Star Weekend of minigames and tournaments!

Los Angeles Kings v Hartford Whalers Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Just the Facts:

Where is it?: Las Vegas, NV

What is it?: The NHL All-Star Skills Competition and also the NHL All-Star Game, held on Friday and Saturday.

What Channels do I go to for this?:

For the Skills Competition, it’s held on ESPN at 4:30pm PT today

For the actual All-Star Game, it’s held on ABC at Noon on Saturday

Who’s going?:

For Seattle, it would be Forward Jordan Eberle, who’s been pretty dang good for the Squids!

As for everybody else? Yeah, that’s here.

Should I watch the Skills Competition?:

Generally the Skillz Comp is a good place to realize even if you happened to find skates, you still wouldn’t be able to do the absolutely mutant things the NHL All-Star Game asks of you. There are a couple of competitions that generally make for interesting TV...But most of the time, this broadcast is usually a great potential for a car-crash. The most recent ASG setups have involved once-done, never before seen and extremely janky ideas for Skills competition. This year’s involves playing Blackjack with a puck and doing some trick shots in the middle of the Bellagio fountain. It’s almost certainly going to be insane, and even if it’s boring, there’s going to be somebody who will mess up hard enough to cause some form of funny gif to happen.

Should I actually watch the All-Star game?:

I mean, you can if you want.

The NHL All-Star Game is kinda breezy, and generally doesn’t require the full-attention of the participant. It’s not like the Pro Bowl or the NBA All-Star Game where a select group of guys get to go, and so they’ve organized this little mini-tournament out of it. In Vegas. After letting the players loose in Vegas for almost 24 hours.

The theme of the effort is “hungover”, usually. But still, it’d be nice if the Pacific came out on top.

What are the rest of the Kraken up to?:

Typically in these sorts of events, the players who don’t go to the All-Star game go on vacation or just take the opportunity to kick back and relax. And with what is looking like two partly cloudy days and some slightly warmer weather, who wouldn’t want to take a little time to set themselves?

It’s a weekend of spills and thrills in Las Veegis. You can come on in if you want, it’ll stay up for the next couple of days!