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Kraken Game 53 GAMETHREAD: Vs. NY Islanders!

The Isles have never scored a goal on the Kraken

Seattle Kraken v New York Islanders Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Once again it is time to watch some Seattle Kraken hockey, which I assure you is still an unequivocally #good #thing. Seattle’s been in a bit of a slump recently but hey, at least they aren’t coming off of a loss to the Montreal Canadiens — the Islanders cannot say the same.

The Isles are making their first trip over to Climate Pledge tonight, headlined by the return of Seattle legend Mathew Barzal, who brought the city its most recent hockey championship with the Thunderbirds. He’s an absolute menace in the neutral zone and in all likelihood will make life difficult for the Kraken defense, so let’s hope Gio didn’t wear out his legs with that breakaway last night. Then there’s Ilya Sorokin in net, who already has 4 shutouts on the season and a .921 save percentage.

Both teams have had their struggles since last they played (a 3-0 shutout win for Seattle) but something has to give tonight. Let’s hope it’s in Seattle’s favor.

Question of the thread: Will the Isles ever be brave enough to bring back the fisherman logo?