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Kraken Game 46 GAMETHREAD: vs. NY Islanders!

Welcome to the Isle. It’s where some real wacky teams live.

Olympic Islanders Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Islanders are here! The Kraken are here! Expect some loud fans...just not too loud because otherwise they might scare the horsies. I sincerely wish I was making that up.

Anyway! As Landlubber’s Guide stated; the Islanders were hot dog water-level gross at the start of the season, and have been on a bit of a tear recently, bringing them all the way up to.... .500, and almost 30 points out of a playoff spot.

Guess even late season tears need to start early these days.

Anyway, the Isle are your prototypical, Dad-at-the-rink-with-a-dirty-20-year-old-windbreaker Approved kinda team. Lots of defense, maybe two or three goalscorers, low event, lots of hitting, lots of board play, lots of frustrating the other team. You can just feel the lip of tobacco slowly forming in your mouth thinking about it. The Kraken gotta put the screws to this team and quickly, or they could be in for one hell of a game before sending their All-Star to Vegas to drink like fish for four days represent Seattle.

Question of the Thread: Olympics are coming up! Are you excited?