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Kraken Game 50 GAMETHREAD: vs. Winnipeg!

For a place that doesn’t have an airport, Winnipeg sure has a lot of Jets

Winnipeg Jets v New York Islanders Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images

That crack in the subheader isn’t necessarily true, but it’s a great way to make Winnipeg fans very cranky and you should gaslight them on this one thing and no others forever.

Winnipeg is going through kind of a rough spot lately, but that’s what happens in the ultra-competitive Central Division; you gotta be at your best or two teams in the Midwest plus Colorado will force-feed you pucks until you pass out. It doesn’t help that they’re missing one of their key pieces in Nikolaj Ehlers, who is normally quite a treat to watch. The Kraken of course, really can’t take them lightly, because they’re a good warmup team for the deeply unpleasant experience they have waiting for them on Saturday night; they play hard and heavy, Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler have been terrors in this conference for years, Paul Statsny, while having been in the NHL for roughly 80 years, remains a capable scoring threat, and backing all that up is Connor Hellebuyck; who absolutely should’ve gone to the Olympics as the 1b American goaltender. The key here is taking advantage of Winnipeg’s defense over stretches: they’re tough, but if you can pin them in their own end for stretches of time, they start to look very slow, holes form in their defense, and they start giving up some primo chances.

Question of the Thread!: What’s for dinner? I’m getting together some Ramen with pork and leek and my home smells gorgeous.