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Kraken Game 49 GAMETHREAD: vs. Toronto!

Dinnertime hockey against Ontario’s most hockey team of all time!

New Jersey Devils v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Kevin Sousa/NHLI via Getty Images

Ah, the Leafs. I’ve heard they have a few fans.

Anyway don’t be surprised if half of Climate Pledge somehow turns into the Scotiabank Arena. Leafs fans are like weeds; you have to spray for them.

Anyhow in spite of the Leafs being an absolute powerhouse on offense this year, they’re currently going through a bit of a rough spot; they’ve dropped their last two games against Calgary and the Canucks due to exceptionally silly turnovers and especially one Justin Holl who is uh...bad, basically performing goaltender interference against his own goalie for the past couple of games. The key here is to force turnovers and attack the Leafs’ netminders as quickly and as forcefully as possible, make them work for every second of play. Because otherwise...this could be a short game with a long runtime.

Question of the thread!: Did you watch the Superb Owl? Did you have any strong opinions coming out of it? I know I didn’t.