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Kraken Game 34 RECAP: Pain.


NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Seattle Kraken Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

[Long, drawn out. exhausted sigh]

What could charitably be referred to as highlights:

Game Notes:

  • The only players who deserve any sort of credit right now are Daniel Sprong for his 11th tally of the year, and Brandon Tanev scoring. Everybody else can wait till after the new year.
  • Seriously. Everybody. I’m gonna go into more detail on one particular position, but I think it’s becoming clear that if your defense is gonna do what they did tonight in front of their goaltender, you’d need nothing less than Dominik Hasek to have a chance.
  • Grubauer didn’t inspire confidence though.
  • One of the things this gross little streak through December has highlighted for me at least is that while the Kraken depth has shown up, the top 6 is vital to the Kraken getting anything done; they need points from these guys in order to get going and when they’re not scoring the Kraken just sit in a holding pattern. With their goalies being as mercurial as they are, and frankly, some unacceptable defensive structure in their own end being badly exposed tonight, they are in a rough space where any measly little mistakes, any of them at all, can have disastrous consequences. Their margin for error right now is monomolecularly thin and that’s just not where anyone wants to be. The big guys need to step their games up.
  • Of course, this team also seems to feed off of vibes, and when the vibes are good, they’re unstoppable. If they get a win against the Islanders on New Year’s Day, we’ll probably forget the whole thing.
  • They get about five or so days to figure out what the hell happened here and try again next Thursday; one can only hope this was an aberration.

The Charts, from

What good is a night where you shot all over the ice when the other team crowded the single most important area of the ice to give up shots?

The Kraken get New Year’s Eve off to presumably get right, then get on ESPN on New Year’s Day for a visit from the Islanders.

It’s gonna be a tough one, let’s see if the Kraken can answer.