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Game 33 RECAP: Kraken run out of gas, Flames win 3-2

In the end, they just didn’t have the juice for two points tonight.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Seattle Kraken Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

It was going so well...and then the third happened.

But first, the Highlights:

Game Notes

  • The Kraken’s TOI leader was Adam Larsson, with 24:16 TOI
  • I’m not gonna mince words: They got their good chances, but after 40 minutes of the Flames just bearing down on them, it seemed like the third period was a bunch of tired guys trying to get to OT. They picked it up towards the end but by that point it was too late; the Flames had the strength to keep plugging 14 shots on net and that was it. Kraken need to find a way to dig deep in these kinds of games; no letting up until you have a lead.
  • Seattle Goaltending is always going to be The Thing We Keep Coming Back To, but tonight...I’ll happily give Grubauer a pass even in defeat. A .932 SV% where you break your own season high in saves and stayed pretty sharp throughout isn’t bad. One of these days he might get this SV% in a win.
  • Speaking of which! Kraken defense! You got a day to give your head a shake and refocus because the way you goofballs handled net-front chances tonight was not up to code! We’ll show it in the heat map but every shot was basically right on top of Grubi! I will not hear “but one of them was on the power play!” Huberdeau had time to get that puck flat so he could shoot it. Not even close to acceptable work!
  • I’ll also just say, Hakstol has to impress upon these guys that this loosey-goosey style he’s impressing upon them only works if you’re not in the box every period or so: that high stick call in the 2nd was a backbreaker, even if we didn’t know it at the time.
  • It’s a shame the Kraken didn’t win because Eberle had a casual two point night and looked dangerous all night. Good stuff for him!

Let’s take a look at some charts from

I ain’t even mad at this; both sides did exactly what they’re supposed to do: get to the middle of the ice and shoot. One just did it better because they had more power plays.

The Kraken get a day off, and their last game of 2022 is on Friday, as they face the Oilers before heading into the new year. That game gets underway at 7pm PT.

We’ll see you there, let’s get back into the win column here, boys.