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Kraken 23 RECAP: Squids steal the win and the declaration of independence, win 3-2 in OT!

Everybody loves a comeback story!

NHL: Washington Capitals at Seattle Kraken Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

This team loves giving it’s goal differential little incremental changes in the most dramatic ways.

But first, the Highlights!

Game Notes

  • Your TOI leader was Adam Larsson, who had a busy night: logging 27:09, 6 minutes of that being penalty killing.
  • Do not let the final score give you the impression that Washington at all played this close. As we’ll see below, the Kraken gave up two goals in the first, and then spent every last minute of the 2nd, 3rd and what little Overtime there was hounding the Caps at every waking opportunity. They whiffed on a lot of attempts, but they also overwhelmingly controlled play regardless of the inauspicious start; the only real times Washington had their chances was on some breakout attempts and power play time.
  • Grubert! My beloved German goalie! You didn’t have a great starting point, but you cleaned it up big time and finished the night with a very respectable .913 SV%. We’re gonna need that against Florida, so keep up the good work, big fella!
  • Matty Beniers charged into his 10th goal at the best possible time to do it, and is now on a six-game point streak. He’s rapidly putting distance between him and every other skater as an option for Calder; the only other realistic option you could think of for rookie of the year might be Logan Thompson, but he’s a Knight so screw him.
  • Burakovsky also got another sneaky two points on assists, keeping his streak going!
  • Yanni freakin’ Gourde, man. The Caps hate Yanni Gourde with a passion and he made them hate him the old fashioned way not only by getting into some fisticuffs, but ultimately got the game-tying goal that sent this game to overtime, and was just in general causing all sorts of trouble they didn’t want. Loved his hustle tonight!...Just, y’know, don’t take dumb penalties when you’re already down 2.
  • Credit to the penalty kill tonight, who only let one through out of 4 PKs and kept an otherworldly force of goal-scoring might in Ovechkin from getting through on his own. He still got his points, but he wasn’t a goal-scorer.
  • SEVEN in a row for your Kraken! They’re an absolute wagon right now! A wagon which is now a mere 2 points away from the Vegas Golden Knights and careening towards them at incredible speed. KEEP YOUR HEADS UP, VEGAS.
  • Also let’s give some stick taps for the fans at Climate Pledge who stayed behind this team throughout the comeback, gave the boys a standing O for getting to OT, and then blew the roof straight off when Matty B got the winner. I’m sure our Lookout Landing folks can attest to Seattle’s love of battling back
  • Keep calm, and post Zoidberg when we win.

Let’s look at some charts from NaturalStatTrick!

hehe Corsi machine go brrrrr
Fenwick is unblocked shot attempts for, basically how many shot attempts made it to the goal or goaltender. Expected Goals is as close to the concept of “quality shots” as you can get, and brother; the Kraken had them in spades.
Maybe still gotta hammer down some defensive miscues but they got their shots where it counted!

The Kraken get Friday off, and then welcome their next Eastern Conference foe to King County in the form of the Florida Panthers on Saturday! That game drops the puck at 7pm PT!

See you there and LETS GO KRAKEN!