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Kraken Game 29 RECAP: Kraken can’t complete comeback against Canes. Lose 3-2

Thank god it’s over.

Seattle Kraken v Carolina Hurricanes Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Come on home, boys. There’s nothing but bad vibes down south.

But first, some highlights:

Game Notes

  • Your TOI leader was Vince Dunn, who played 27:31
  • Regrettably, this is exactly the kind of game the Canes sort of excel at: Get up early and dare you to come back as they let their defense and “just enough” goaltending do the rest of the work. They mostly processed the Kraken, though they finally got some opportunities through, it really didn’t matter by the end; they already had them on the ropes and just needed to keep them there for as long as it took.
  • Believe it or not, Grubauer had a .923 SV% tonight; part of it was the sheer number of shots being levied his way, the other part was his defense’s absolutely atrocious puck management for most of the night, which came up as a major deciding factor in getting the Canes on the board with Svechnikov’s tally. It probably would’ve mattered more had they been on their game but...
  • ...Yeah, we still have something to complain about regarding goaltending: Grubauer got picked high glove side on the second and third goals and frankly should probably still have had that kind of penalty shot. I’m not sure Noesen even tries that kind of big wind-up shot if he even has his hand up. The Canes had him marked, and the Kraken were lucky it wasn’t worse.
  • On the bright side, man Daniel Sprong is a player. I’m so glad that he’s a Kraken, and I hope he gets to stay that way for a little while. Donato too!
  • I wish any of the top line guys could’ve had a night similar, but that’s a lot to ask for a team that’s been having some real issues facing these southern powerhouses. The complexion of the real damn good teams in the league is changing, and if Toronto blows it up this year for reasons I’m pretty sure more people will take notice.
  • Points are now desperately needed. Gotta beat Winnipeg this weekend.
  • That all said, keep calm, and post Zoidberg when we win.

Let’s autopsy this corpse through graphs from

Can’t overstate how not good enough this is. Cannot be doing throwbacks to last year.

Well after that wet fart of a road trip the Kraken finally come home and face the Jets on Sunday. That game drops the puck at 5pm PT.

Let’s try to get some home cooking for this next homestand. For Santa.