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Kraken Game 28 RECAP: Lightning pull ahead early, both sides do a bunch of dumb stuff in the third period, Kraken lose bad 6-2

It was a rough one.

Seattle Kraken v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

But First, something that could only tangentially be referred to as Highlights:

Game Notes:

  • Jesus Christ.
  • Both goaltenders had .800 SV% in a game where the Kraken turned it on way too goddamn late to even matter. I think we can both agree this is, 100%, The Weakness and it remains The Weakness of the Seattle Kraken until something can be done by Ron Francis to either buy out Grubauer’s contract and have done with it or trade for someone who can actually play this position at the NHL level. The Lightning did control the first couple of periods, but they got the goaltending where it counted, and that’s really the story of it all. The Kraken will have to overcome this for as long as it takes to get to deadline season.
  • They also critically capitalized on a power play, which the Kraken didn’t. Gonna need more if you’re gonna face a nasty team like Tampa.
  • That third period was complete chaos. Complete and utter chaos. Just look at the game summary: minutes of penalties handed out all over the shop, people getting tossed, and of course, fisticuffs. Refs tried but boy those Lightning are just mean little pricks when they want to be. You’d think being immeasurably talented at ice hockey would be enough, right?
  • The Pacific did the Kraken a solid by mostly being miserable tonight, but now Edmonton comes into the ring after months of screwing around. Kraken need to start overcoming some more adversity here and get some points.
  • Keep calm, and post Zoidberg when we win.

Let’s take a look at some graphs from NaturalStatTrick:


This road trip doesn’t get any easier after this; for now they finish their southern excursion in Raleigh as the Kraken face the Hurricanes on Thursday; a team that can play you ugly or fast if they have to. It’ll be the hardest test of this road trip, if you can believe it. That game drops the puck at 4pm PT

Let’s get right and come out of this road trip with something resembling momentum before we go home.