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Game 13 RECAP: Kraken win 3-2, claim complete Antarctic supremacy

Your SECOND IN DIVISION SEATTLE KRAKEN played a desperate team close, and then Turbo got some spicy vengeance late to get the W!

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Allow me to repeat the words of many Kraken players, and now several coaches.

“This is not last year’s Kraken.”

But first, the Highlights!

Game Notes

  • Your TOI Leader was Adam Larsson, who finished the game with 22:31 logged, 17:16 of those were at even strength.
  • MARTIN ACTUAL JONES ARE YOU FOR REAL. 35 Saves, many of them fantastic, and a lifesaver of a player he’s become for the Kraken. While I do like Phillipp Grubauer, as far as I’m concerned, Jones is the starter until proven otherwise. What a game he had.
  • There’s something about that third line that’s got them firing on all cylinders: Gourde had a goal and two assists, Turbo had an assist and the game winner, Geekie had a two point night...just impeccable hustle from Turbo and his buddies.
  • Vince Dunn is quietly having a very tidy season so far!
  • The Penguins played tonight’s game like they really didn’t want to go back to jail; they played desperate, they played very fast, they got Sid the Kid going early and they basically tried everything in their power to get away from this one with two points by keeping near full control of the pace of play...and I’m afraid the Kraken might’ve just cost somebody their job anyway. Sorry about that, Pens front office.
  • WRIGHTWATCH: Back down under single digits again, though at least it’s above 8 minutes this time. He finished the game with 8:32 of TOI logged.
  • At least he wasn’t Donato, who had a very rough night out in Pittsburgh. He finished the night with less than 8 minutes of game played.
  • Apparently Larsson wears a shirt with a v cut so deep Elvira would be jealous. Still, good for Geekie getting Davy Jones’ hat for the night!
  • Please revel in the fact that the Seattle Kraken are 2nd in the Pacific Division, 3rd in Conference, 6th in the NHL by points. You are not watching last year’s Kraken at all.
  • Keep calm, and post Zoidberg when we win.

Kraken get a couple of days off to get home, and then on Tuesday evening they face the Nashville Predators. That game is a national game on TNT, so mind your TVs whilst out and about! The puck drops at 7pm PT.

See you then!