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Kraken Game 15 PREVIEW: Vs. Minnesota! (Again!?)

If we play you again will you promise to buzz off until next year? Cool.

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Minnesota Wild Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports

The Need To Knows

The Time: 7pm PT

The Place: Climate Pledge Arena in beautiful Seattle, Washington

Place to Watch: ESPN+, Hulu

Place to Listen: KJR 93.3 FM

An Opposing Viewpoint: Hockey Wilderness

Know Your Enemy

  • Hey did you know Kirill Kaprizov is good? Because he’s basically the lifeblood of the Wild right now. He leads the Wild with 15 points in 13 games, 10 of which are goals.
  • Keeping the Wild off the man-advantage will be a key to this game, as Minny walks into this one with a 6th in the league power play success rate of 26.7%.
  • Once again, their Achilles’ heel appears to be the sub-AHL goaltending they’re getting. Filip Gustavsson is playing better than MAF, but a .904 isn’t going to really cut it. Kraken fans have seen this particular movie before and it SUCKED.

Game Preview:

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh a f*!kin’ streaming game. Hope you’re ready for that.

The Kraken host a Wild team whose only real consistent trend is pure inconsistency: Get beat 1-0 by LA? Stomp Anaheim the next. Crush Montreal? Get shutout by the Kraken. Get goals? Get let down by goaltending. Get goaltending? Offense goes cold. They seem to have the impression of what they want to be, but whenever they try to put it into practice it just kinda...explodes in their face. Rough couple of weeks it’s been down in St. Paul.

The Kraken meanwhile are just trying to keep the good vibes going: after daring the Preds to score 5 goals and correctly guessing they couldn’t, they are now 3rd in the Pacific Division thanks to the Kings TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE OVERTIME RULE-I mean having played more hard-fought games...and nursing a 5 game winning streak. It’s hard to say what exactly they need to work on other than consistently dominating foes like they have been, so maybe we’ll see if WRIGHTWATCH gets Shane above 13 minutes...if he plays, of course.

Do the Kraken add a 6th W to their fortunes? Or will the Wild finally score goals against The Deep? You have plenty of time to work out how to find out tonight!